Here is a list of rules for the site, that you MUST follow...

  1. No cussing!(Fox-dung, Mousebrain Ect. are acceptable in Roleplays)
  2. Be nice
  3. You may only RP ONE Leader/Deputy. This goes for all clans. Example: You RP Waterfur, deputy of WaterClan and the leader position for FireClan is availible. You may not take it, because you already have a Leader/Deputy position in one of the clans. You may be a medicine cat and a leader/deputy, but they cant be in the same clan, and you may only rp ONE Medicine cat/Medicine Cat Apprentice.However, you may have as many warriors, Queens, Apprentices Ect. as you want
  4. Be active. If you have been inactive for 60 days(Two Months) your characters will be removed from the clans.
  5. Sign all of your posts with 3 ~
  6. Contact the leaders of the clans to join, unless told otherwise.
  7. Do not use a picture that is already in use.
  8. When Rping remember that it is more Warrior Cats than Avatar. The only things related to Avatar are the ability that the cats behold to bend the elements. So, when Rping please follow The Warrior Code. And please have read at least one of the warrior cats books before coming to RP.
  9. Warrior names only Ex.: Leafheart, Firedapple, Waterfur. Please no warrior names that arent warrior names! Ex.: Bluesparkle, Sagehoney, Jake, Liam, Brooke, Grapevine...
  10. Please, dont create a cat that can bend all four elements, they will be deleted.
  11. Have fun!!!